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The Dalai Lama Fellows - Playing the Compassion Games

By Marty Krasney

Today in Atlanta, because of a Spelman College senior’s compassionate and innovative work as a Dalai Lama Fellow, teen moms are acquiring life skills and completing high school.

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This article appears in:
2014 Catalyst, Issue 14: Summer of Peace - Building Momentum

What is Christing 2.0?

In case you missed last night's talk, below is an amazing clip of Saniel's Christing 2.0 free virtual event..

(Audio) Summer of Peace Summit: Moving From Power Struggle To Peace In All Your Relationships With Gay and Katie Hendricks

How Does Epigenetics Apply to You?

In a nutshell, the emerging science of epigenetics illuminates that our genetic expression is not permanently fixed at birth, but actually evolves as we grow and learn.